You are an ambassador of the math garden. This means you can place one of our banners on your own website, and gain profit every time we get a new customer due to your banner. We offer a wide variety of banners to choose from.

The Garden Center

When you log in to your account, you will go to your personal garden center. From here you can manage your ambassador account.

The Math Garden

To learn more about the product you are advertising for, choose math garden in the menu. Then you will be able to play all the games that the Math Garden  has to offer. This way you can experience the adaptive system of the maths garden. You can even collect coins and buy trophies for your cabinet.

Your Campaign

You can oversee your campaign(s) by going to administration in the menu, and then choose campaigns. Here you can see information about your campaign(s). This information includes your revenue, which is the percentage you get of every subscription to the math garden due to your banner. You can also see a discount percentage, this is the amount of discount customers get when they subscribe to the maths garden after following the link on your banner. The relative Url is set to “/” by default. This means that your banner will bring people to our homepage. If you wish to link to another page, you can change the relative Url by choosing the action “edit”. Then you put the text after ”” of the page you wish to link to in the relative Url box.¬† For example, if you want to link to the sign up page(, you should put in the Url box.

Placing your banner

For an overview of possible banners choose the action “view”. First you will see your campaign information again, if you scroll down you will see all our banners. When you have chosen a banner, copy the line of code below the banner and paste it into your own website.

Campaign results

If you want an overview of the number of impressions and clicks of your banner, and the profit you have made so far, choose the action “results”. To change the data of your subscription, choose the action “edit”.

For more information you can go to frequently asked questions in the “help” menu.

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