Getting started


Hi, welcome to the world of Oefenweb. We are part of the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. We make web applications for adaptive testing, like Math Garden. Setting up these programs takes half an hour to an hour.
After this, children can access the product with the login information they will receive from you, and can work with our products straight away.
We advise children to play with our product on a weekly basis. They can do this independently and it will only require approximately 15-30 minutes, depending on how many games they have unlocked.


Once you have logged in to the parental environment (backend) you will find more instructions in the help menu. You can start with the “First Use” manual which explains how to add children to the program.
Do you want to read more about our program? Check out the following instructions: Playing in our products, Game Availability and Results.

Logging in

Children can log in to our product in the same way as parents do. To do this, children need a username and password.
The list of the children’s usernames and passwords can be found in the backend after you have registered your children with the product (AdministrationPlayer passwords).

Changing passwords

If a child has difficulty remembering his or her password or if their password becomes known by others, you can change it in the Backend. To do so, go to AdministrationPlayer passwords. Click Edit next to the name of the child in the password overview.
To change your own password, just click Edit following your name in the parent overview (Menu option: Administration Users, tab Parents).

Do you want to play in our products yourself?

As a parent, you can play in Math Garden yourself by logging in into the Backend and clicking on the option Game Interface. Here you will access an identical game environment to the children’s. Please note that the progress in your game interface will not be saved. As the purpose of this game interface is to try out and demonstrate the games for your child(ren), your results will return to zero after a day.

Adaptivity? What’s that?

All products developed by Oefenweb are unique due to their scientifically proven adaptive technology, developed at the University of Amsterdam. Adaptivity means that the level of difficulty is adjusted for each child’s specific skills. If a child answers the exercises quickly and correctly, they will automatically be offered more difficult exercises. This can mean that more advanced children will be offered exercises that haven’t been covered in class yet. If these exercises turn out to be too difficult and the child starts making more mistakes again or uses the question mark, easier exercises will be offered automatically. The exercises are chosen in such a way by the program, that every child (high- or low-leveled) will answer 75% of the exercises correctly. When playing for the first time, the program will need some time to determine the child’s level.
Because of this adaptive system it is important that every child works solely in his/her own game interface and that parents, teachers or other students will not play in the game interface of this child and manipulate his/her results.

Problems with our products?

Our products will work without any problems on modern, well-maintained computers (no older than two years). Make sure that Javascript and Adobe Flash Player are activated.
If games are only partly visible on the screen this could be because the screen resolution is set too low. Our products work optimally with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher. You can adjust the screen resolution in the configuration menu of your computer.
In Internet Explorer version 9 or higher is required. You can check your version by clicking “About Internet Explorer” under Help in your browser. Versions of Firefox 3 or higher are supported, as well as Safari version from 3.2 and higher, and most recent versions of Google Chrome.

Let’s get started!

We hope that you and your child(ren) have fun playing and learning with Oefenweb’s applications. If you have any questions, you can send these to us through the Backend under Messages or send an e-mail to Or check our FAQ in the Backend under the Help button.

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