Explanation for demo users


My garden is different, what is going on?

We updated Math Garden!
The garden is now bigger and there are more games for you to play.
What exactly has changed?

2 Gardens: Base garden and Bonus garden

From now on you have two gardens.
You are already familiar with the first garden, we call this the Base garden.
Now, you also have a Bonus garden.
You can only play in this Bonus garden if you don’t have any withered plants or watering cans in the Base garden.
So if you want to play different games in the Bonus garden, make sure you regularly practice all the games in the Base garden.


Updated fraction game

We adjusted the fraction game to include percentages and ratio sums.
Because of this adjustment, everyone’s score for the fraction game has been reset to zero.
You have to play this game again to determine your new score.
The game has a calculator where you can type in your answers.
To type fractions, use the ABC button on the calculator.

Determine the difficulty level of the sums

In the new Math Garden you have the possibility
to determine whether the sums are easy, average or difficult.
The more difficult the sum, the more coins you get for correct answers.
The average sums level is the same difficulty as the level of the Math Garden sums before the update,
so as before, on the average level you can earn a maximum of 20 coins.

Explaining your Math Garden

The garden

Make the plants in your garden grow by playing the math games.
When you perform better than the last time you played, your plants will grow.
Try to make all of your plants grow.

Has it been longer than a week since you last played?
Then a watering can will appear and your plants will slowly wither.
To make your plant re-grow, play an entire game of 15 sums.

New plants

You start by playing the addition game.
If your score is high enough, the plant for the subtraction game will become available.
If you again score high enough, you can then play the multiplication game.
So, each time your score is high enough, you will gain an extra plant.
But, be careful! If you don’t keep playing all of the games and your plants begin to wither,
the plants you have earned will disappear.

The math tests

Try to win as many coins as possible.
Solve the sums quickly and correctly.
If your answer is wrong, you will lose coins.
If you really don’t know the answer to a sum, you can click the ‘?’, and you won’t lose any coins.
You will find the coins you’ve won so far in the bag.
If you want to quit, you can, after giving your answer, click
If you complete all the sums you get a BONUS of 25 coins!

You can answer by clicking the correct answer.

For multiplication and division, you can answer by clicking the answer on the keyboard. When you click Enter, your answer will be sent.

The trophy case

With the coins you’ve earned, you can buy all kinds of trophies on the trophy case page. For example, if you want to buy a cup, you will need to save enough coins first. By clicking your trophy in the trophy case, you can trade your trophy back for coins.

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