Confirming your order


Confirming your order

If you entered all of the information correctly in the registration form or if you click the link in the sign up email, you will see the Order screen. In this screen, you will find a summary of all the important information on your order.

At the bottom of this page, you are offered four options:
– Edit Order
– Confirm Order – Pay Now
– List Orders
– Delete

We will now explain the options one by one, so you can make an informed choice.

Edit Order

If you have made a mistake while entering your data in the registration form, you can adjust this by clicking the option Edit Order. You will then see a form on which you can edit your order and correct your mistake.

Confirm Order – Pay Now

If you checked the data and you want to finalize the order, click the option Confirm Order – Pay Now. You are now being redirected to the payment page. An additional explanation can be found under the header “The Payment”. Here, you can also find information on what you need to do if someone else within your organisation will make the payment.

Perhaps you prefer to take care of the payment at a later time. In the email you have received after signing up, you can find a unique link to this page, so that you can take care of the payment when you desire (within 2 weeks).

List of Orders

When you click the option List of Orders, you will see a list with the orders you have already placed and the orders you just placed. However, if you place an order for the first time, this option will offer you little extra information.


If for some reason you are not satisfied with your current order, you can cancel it by clicking the option Cancel. The order will then be deleted.

The Payment

If you clicked the option Confirm Order – Pay Now, you are redirected to the Pay Order screen.

At the top of the screen you’ll find the invoice number, the invoice date and the total amount. By clicking the option Download/Print following ‘Invoice’, you can save a copy of the invoice on your computer so you are able to print it later.

In the Paying Method screen, you can choose whether you want pay with iDEAL or by bank transfer. Check the selection box for the desired paying method. If you are paying with iDEAL, you also must select your bank from the list.

Payment via iDEAL is fast and easy, but needs to be completed right away. If someone else within you organisation is responsible for the payment, you can choose to pay by bank transfer. You will then receive a unique payment reference number and payment instructions, which you, along with the invoice, can send or give to the person who will make the payment.

Click the Pay Now button to proceed with the payment.

Payment via iDEAL

If you have chosen to pay with iDEAL, you are automatically redirected to the website of your own bank. Follow the instructions to complete the payment right away.

Payment by bank transfer

If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer you are automatically redirected to the website of our payment partner Buckaroo.

At this page you will again find the total amount and your invoice number. In addition, you can enter the name and the email address of the payer in the Your Name field and the Your Email Address field. If someone else within your organisation is responsible for the payment, enter his or her data here. This way, you can deal with the order and have, for example, the financial administration handle the payment. You can also decide to enter you own data and to send the email with the payment instructions, with an accompanying letter if desired, to the person who will handle the payment.

If you entered and checked all of the data, click the Proceed button. You will now receive an email on the entered email address with a unique payment reference number. If you then carry out the bank transfer manually, stating this reference number, the payment will be completed.

If our payment partner hasn’t received the payment within two weeks, your order and your log in data will be deactivated.

Let’s get to it!

If your registration and payment are completed, you can log in to the Maths Garden as an administrator. For additional help using the Maths Garden we refer you to the other user manuals in the help menu of the Garden Centre of the Maths Garden. You can also reach us via email at

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