Signing up and placing an order


Signing up and placing an order

If you have decided to start using the Maths Garden with your family you have to sign up first. Below, you will find a step by step manual how to do this.

First, go to the ‘Sign up’ page. To do so, click ‘Sign up‘ in the menu at the top of the page.

In this menu you can choose between two options: one for signing up a School/Organization and one for signing up a Family.

Click Signing up a Family.

You are now directed to the Garden Centre of the Maths Garden and the Add order screen will appear.

Dit scherm bestaat uit vier onderdelen:
– Add Order
– Add Parent
– Add Child(ren)
– Agreements

We will explain each of these four parts.

Add Order

In this part of the sign up procedure, enter the data of the person placing the order. This will be practically in any case be you.

In the upper fields you can enter all the information about the person placing the order.

In the last two fields, Number of Accounts and Number of Months, enter how many of your children you want to sign up for playing in the Maths Garden and for how many months. If you, for example, want to have 3 of your children play in the garden for a year, enter 3 at Number of Accounts and 12 at Number of Months. You can find more information about the Maths Garden subscription at the sign up page.

Add Parent

In this part of the sign up procedure, enter the data of the parent, who will manage the administration of the Maths Garden for the children.

Enter a user name and a password for the parent at the User Name and Password fields. Repeat this password in the field Repeat Password to avoid typing errors. Make sure you file this user name and password so you will have access to the administrative part of the Maths Garden at all times.

Behind the field for the password, an indicator will appear while you are typing to indicate the security of the password. Make sure you choose a safe password, so no one but the administrator has access to the administrative section of the Maths Garden.

Enter the rest of the data of the parent at the First Name, Last Name and Email Address fields. The email address will be used for sending forgotten passwords and other administrative business. Make sure this is an email address that is checked by the administrator frequently.

Add Child(ren)

In this part of the sign up procedure, add all your children who want to use the Maths Garden. A separate field is made for each child. If you want to add more children than appearing on the registration form, adjust the entry of the Number of Children field in the order.

Select the correct grade of the child in the dropdown menu at Grade. This is very important, since the results of the child are being compared to other children from the same grade. Entering the wrong grade can produce an inaccurately positive or negative picture.

Enter the data of the child at the First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth fields.

If desired, you can enter an Email Address for the child. The child himself/herself can use it to ask for a forgotten password. The parent can at all times view and change the children’s passwords.


In this part of the sign up procedure you are requested to read the General Terms and Conditions of Oefenweb B.V. and the Privacy Declaration.

Before you can continue signing up, you must check both boxes, agreeing to the content of these documents.

Finally, click the OK button to send all the data and to continue to the Confirmation and the Payment.

You will receive a confirmation email on the entered email address. At this point, your Maths Garden account will be activated!

Click here to read how to make your payment.

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